Doctor's Appointments & Billing

At Family Healthcare of Lake Norman in Huntersville, North Carolina, we make appointments and billing simple. We accept almost all major insurance plans and credit cards and offer reasonable discounts for uninsured patients when paid in full at the time of service.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointments are required for medical care services. “Same day” appointments are usually available to address your immediate health needs. We get you in quickly, providing you quality medical care for all of your health needs.

Insurance and Billing

Independent physicians are the best value because insurance companies negotiate lower contract rates with us which means less cost to your HSA and deductible. Our contract reimbursement is often 30% to 50% less than hospital-based practices.

Smaller is Better

Large practices must charge more to cover the cost of their large staffs and buildings. Physicians in those practices are also under a lot of pressure to see more patients. Smaller is often better in primary care medicine.
Call us to schedule an appointment, request medication refills, nurse triage, or for other needs during normal office hours.
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